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PG 64-22: Paving Grade Asphalt used in Western Oregon in milder climate. Spec Sheet: SDS Sheet: PG 64-22ER: A M320 PG graded binder with a plus specification for Elastic Recovery on RTFO material at 25C. Spec Sheet: SDS Sheet: PG 64-28: Paving Grade Asphalt for use in dense-graded asphalt concrete pavement in cooler climates. Spec Sheet: SDS ...

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What is PG grade asphalt?

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1. Type of Plant . There are two types of Asphalt Plants. Drum Mix and Batch. Notably, a batch plant is the best choice for an operation where the plant will be called upon to make various blend mixes in the same operational ‘run’, or if the plant will be doing a lot of starting and stopping in the course of the day.

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Air Permits Division (APD) confirm that the proposed Hot Mix Asphalt plant meets the standard permit requirements. Please read all questions and check “YES,” “NO,” or “N/A,” or provide specific information for the facility. If the hot mix asphalt plant does not meet all conditions of this standard permit, it may not operate

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PG 64-22 is the liquid asphalt (asphalt cement) that should be specified in most applications. Information on the Performance Grade (PG) asphalts may be found in PENNDOT’s Bulletin 25 (Publication 37), “Specifications for Bituminous Materials.” Information on plant requirements and mix

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The Asphalt Materials section is AASHTO accredited and can perform all of the standard AASHTO and ASTM tests relating to asphalt mixes and asphalt binders. The section also conducts a variety of specialized tests including gyratory compaction, loaded wheel rut and fatigue, cracking, abson recovery, reflux and moisture damage tests.

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peacefully with asphalt plants. These facilities are in urban, suburban, and rural areas, and most of them are known as good neighbors who are engaged with their community and dedicated to sustainable operations. However, there is a lot of misleading and often daunting information about asphalt plants and asphalt products.

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Oct 07, 2017 · The main components and operation of asphalt batch mix plant. It is to produce HMA known as Asphalt Batching Plant and hot mix plant. It blends together aggregates and bitumen to produce the hot mix paving material. The aggregates here can be a single sized material. It can be a combination of different grades / sizes of materials. Finer aggregates are also added along with mineral filler ...

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A binder graded by PG system should meet all specified criteria by this common set of tests. The typical set of binder testing for PG system is shown in Figure 1. The Rotational Viscometer (RV) test is used to evaluate the pumpability at the asphalt plant.

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Jan 01, 2019 · Asphalt Binder and Additives Delete Subsection 401.2.1.1, Binder and Additives, General of the Standard Specification in its entirety and replace it with the following: 401.2.1.1 Performance Graded (PG) Binder Use PG 64-22 or PG 76-22 binder as required by the contract that conforms to all of the requirements of AASHTO M 320.

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Asphalt Pavement Environmental Council Best Practices Typical Asphalt Binder Temperatures Binder Grade HMA Plant Asphalt Tank Storage Temperature (ºF) HMA Plant Mixing Temperature (ºF) Range Midpoint Range Midpoint PG 46-28 PG 46-34 PG 46-40 260 â 290 260 â 290 260 â 290 275 275 275 240 â 295 240 â 295 240 â 295 264 264 264 PG 52-28 ...

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modified asphalt are determined mainly by the base asphalt. The PPA generally provides improvements to the high temperature properties. For example, to meet a PG 64-28 specification, the base asphalt should meet a PG XX-28 specification. PPA Level Selection As is true with other asphalt additives, the amount of PPA required will be


2. The asphalt content is based on the total weight of the mix. When using slag aggregates in the mix, the asphalt content shall be increased accordingly, a minimum of 25 percent for an all slag mix. 3. Use a PG binder appropriate for the project location as specified in Table 6-4 of the Comprehensive Pavement Design Manual.

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Asphalt. Road Science Asphalt products are the most durable, rut resistant, high quality mixes that can be customised for all applications. The use of Road Science advanced binder modification technology results in intelligent Asphalt mixes which have been used in container terminals, airports, state highways, log, freight and industrial yards.

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If you have questions or concerns regarding for City of Irvine staff related to All American Asphalt, please call 949-724-6326. October 30 Update: South Coast AQMD has an ongoing investigation concerning the All American Asphalt's (AAA) plant in Irvine This investigation seeks to address numerous complaints from residents, who have identified asphalt and burnt rubber-type


designated individual(s) shall be certified in the areas of their responsibility (i.e. Asphalt Plant, Asphalt Mix Design and/or Asphalt Field Certification). Sec. 501.02 Duties of the Project Inspector (a) Initial Duties of Inspector . The following instructions cover the sampling, testing, and inspection of asphalt concrete (AC)

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We are ready to supply the essential liquid asphalt needed for asphalt plants to create pavement. Puerto Rico's largest Liquid Asphalt Terminal with a capacity of 358,000 Barrels. The only port in Puerto Rico with two simultaneous load lines allowing for one vessel to be charged while also discharging another vessel.

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Specializing in New & Used Asphalt Plants, Sales, Parts, Service, Repairs, DEQ and Mix Design Compliance and Complete Consulting Services. USEFUL NOTES & FORMULAS GENERAL. A plant loses about 3% of its production rate per 1000 feet of elevation due to the thinning of the air. Plants are designed to remove 5% moisture.

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PG 70-22 Heavy Duty Full Depth Asphalt Surface Mixture (sp125 or SMA) and Class V-VI first underlying lifts PG 64-22 Remaining lifts PG 70-22 Asphalt Overlays All Mixtures PG 64-22 Medium Duty Full Depth All Mixtures Class III-IV and Overlays PG 64-22 Light Duty Full Depth All Mixtures Class I-II and Overlays 2-4 Asphalt Paving Materials

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PG 64 - 22 Performance Grade Average 7-day max pavement temperature, C. 21 SPECIFYING PERFORMANCE Based on Climate PG 64 - 22 ... Asphalt Plant and Construction Aging


(A) For the purposes of this standard permit, a hot mix asphalt plant is defined as a facility that produces or will produce one or more of the following: standard hot mix asphalt, asphalt mixes made with Performance Grade (PG) binders, asphalt mixes made with crumb rubber, and pre-coat aggregate.

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By John D’Angelo, PhD, P.E. You have just completed an asphalt mix design and are ready to do a plant trial. The mix properties all look good, air voids are on target, VMA (voids in the mineral aggregate) and VFA (voids filled with asphalt) are good.

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Anchor: #i1013899 Section 6: Hot-Mix Asphalt Pavement Mixtures Anchor: #i1013905 6.1 General. Hot-mix asphalt (HMA) is a generic term that includes many different types of mixtures of aggregate and asphalt cement (binder) produced at elevated temperatures (generally between 300-350ºF) in an asphalt plant.

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