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About Aggregate Industries. We’re at the frontline of the construction and infrastructure industries, producing and supplying an array of construction materials. With over 200 sites and more than 3900 dedicated employees, we’re home to everything from aggregates, asphalt, ready-mixed concrete and precast concrete products.


Concrete Aggregates: Inert sand, gravel, and stone Concrete Additives and Admixtures: May include flyash, and very amounts of organic and inorganic materials which have no effect on the hazards associated with the use of this product such as air entrained agents, water reducers, superplasticizers, fiberous reinforcement, pigments, ect.


Set Ready-Mixed Concrete materials are immobile. Persistence and Degradability Set Ready-Mixed Concrete materials are resistant to degradation and will persist in the environment. Ecotoxicity Set concrete is not expected to be toxic to aquatic organisms. Fresh wet concrete may cause damage to fish and aquatic organisms due to increased pH levels.

MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET 08 - Salmon Bay Sand & Gravel Co.

National Ready Mixed Concrete Association Page 2 of 5 Sample MSDS for Concrete/Concrete Products 09/26/08 Note: Chemical admixtures may be present in quantities less than 1%. Trace Materials: Due to the use of substances from the earth’s crust, trace amounts of naturally occurring, potentially

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What is ready mix concrete?

Material Safety Data Sheet - Precast Concrete

Ready-mix concrete is made form materials mined from the earth. Trace amounts of naturally occurring elements might be detected during chemical analysis of these materials. Additives: Certain additives may be incorporated in the ready mix-mix concrete and MSDS’s are available for such additives upon request. Section 3 – HAZARDS IDENTIFICATION

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Substance/mixture: Mixture (Portland Cement, Coarse Aggregate, Fine Aggregate, Water, Admixtures) CAS number: Not applicable. Product code: Not applicable. Ingredient name (Structure of Ready Mixed Concrete may contain the following in some concentration ranges): % CAS Number Quartz (Aggregates) 0-80 14808-60-7

Material Safety Data Sheet for cement

Information contained in this Material Safety Data Sheet is accurate at the date of publication. The company does not accept liability for any injury, illness, loss or misinterpretation arising from the use of this data.


MSDS (MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET) PRODUCT IDENTITY- CONCRETE BLOCK, CMU (Concrete Masonry Units), Cement Products & Supply Company, Inc., Lakeland Florida and Polk County's oldest and largest concrete block manufacturer and concrete block distributor.

MSDS: Sand and Gravel Material Safety Data Sheet

Product Use: Sand and gravel are aggregates used in the manufacture of bricks, mortar, cement, concrete, plasters, paving materials, and other construction applications. Sand and gravel are distributed in bags, totes and bulk shipment. DO NOT use this product for abrasive blasting. This material safety data sheet and

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Concrete may contain crystalline silica in concentrations greater than 0.1%, principally contributed by the aggregates. Crystalline silica in wet concrete is not respirable and does not pose a hazard when the concrete is in its plastic or unhardened state. Once concrete has hardened, airborne dust generated by grinding,

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Safety Data Sheets (SDS) Formally Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are intended to provide workers and emergency personnel with procedures for handling or working with our products in a safe manner.

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As a world leader in the building materials industry, LafargeHolcim Ltd and its subsidiaries have the assets necessary to meet the building and design challenges of today’s increasing urbanization. In the United States, LafargeHolcim companies have resources across the country, whether operating under the name Lafarge, Holcim, Aggregate ...

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Material Safety Data Sheet Cementitious materials

List of bulk materials which are neither liable to liquefy (appendix A) nor to possess chemical hazards (appendix B) 1. It should be carefully noted that this list of materials is not exhaustive and that the physical properties attributed to them are for guidance only. 2. The following materials are non-cohesive when dry:

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I wish to receive communications from Winstone Aggregates to my postal address. ... MSDS Datasheets ... offering New Zealanders a complete range of concrete products ...

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SAFETY DATA SHEETS. Safety Data Sheets (SDS, formerly known as MSDS) includes information such as the properties of each product; the physical, health, and environmental health hazards; protective measures; and safety precautions for handling, storing, and transporting the chemical.

The Most Complete Free Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) list ...

Arch Chemicals, Inc. Water treatment chemicals Water treatment chemicals: MSDS Consultation Line at 1-800-511-6737 to request an Arch Chemicals Material Safety Data Sheet. You may also request an Arch Chemicals Material Safety Data Sheet by fax, regular mail or by E-mail.

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Aggregates are also used in agriculture, manufacturing, and other industries. An indispensable ingredient . Aggregates are an indispensable ingredient in ready-mix concrete, asphalt, and mortar. Accounting for approximately 60% to 75% of ready-mix concrete’s volume, aggregates strongly influence concrete’s freshly mixed and hardened properties.

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Contact with incompatible materials should be avoided (see below). See Sections 5 and 7 for additional information. Incompatible materials: Fresh concrete is caustic (pH approximately 12) and could react with strong acids. Silica reacts violently with powerful

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CONCRETE STAIN SLR WB - 5 GL ADOBE BUFF : Concrete Stain SLR WB- 1 GAL Kool White : Concrete Surface Retarder 5 GAL : Cover Sheet : CRC Power Lube Multi-Purpose Lubricant : Crystal Clear Voc- 1 GAL : Crystal Clear Voc- 5 GAL : Cure & Seal 309 LVOC : DARACEM 100 : DARACEM 50 : DAROTopp : DCI-S : Diesel Fuel : Dural Fast Set Epoxy Gel : Epoxy ...


MSDS for: Pre Mixed Concrete Page 5 of 7 TOXICOLOGICAL INFORMATION HEALTH EFFECTS The use of premixed concrete has the potential for exposure of plastic concrete by direct contact, splashes or materials discharged under pressure in the process of pumping or spraying the concrete after delivery.

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Teichert Aggregates is one of the largest aggregate producers in the United States. Our plants produce graded rock and sand for any size project, and we have locations throughout Northern and Central California to serve our wide array of customers.


Chemical Formula: Mixture cementitious material, aggregates and water Trade Name & Synonyms: Ready mixed concrete, concrete Molecular Weight: Not applicable Material Use: Construction materials SECTION II - HAZARDOUS INGREDIENTS OF MATERIAL Concrete is a mixture of inert gravel or rock, sand, Portland Cement and water. It may


MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET for Ready-Mix Concrete Page 2 of 4 4. FIRE AND EXPLOSION HAZARD DATA Flash Point N/A Extinguishing Media N/A Special Fire Fighting Procedures None Unusual Fire & Explosion Hazards: Contact with powerful oxidizing agents may cause fire and/or explosions (see Section V of this MSDS). Flammable Limits N/A LEL N/A UEL N/A 5.

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